Phil Mahan

Howdy Folks!

The Captain, hisself!!
  Mug shot of Irish Cajun boy. Sorry about the knife scar and broke nose, it's all I got!
I guess I should introduce myself--I am known as Da Cap'n or just plain old Cap.

I am a 5th generation Texan. Us folks have been hanging around Texas quite a while, just cooking beans, pots of chili and growing them jalapeno chili peppers!

I am retired from the aerospace field, mostly messed with heavy lift expendable boosters and satellite insertion. Also did satellite telemetry, tracking and command control. I am proud to say that I tracked the very first orbital flight our space shuttle program ever made!

What's this got to do with camp cooking, Cap?

Absolutely nothing!

I've been camping, cooking and fishing and hunting since I was a kid. I love the woods, and when I retired, I moved out of the big city and into the Big Thicket of East Texas. The nearest town, population 70 folks, is Rye, Texas. I live in some pretty deep woods, about 4 miles from the nearest paved road, and 25 miles from the nearest traffic light, this suits me fine!

Cap's cooking is down home, Cajun, TexMex and BBQ grub. I am also a bread baking fool! I bake all my own bread for the house and camp. Besides regular yeast bread and quick bread, I get into sourdough baking and cooking!

I host the Cooking With Da Capn Club on Yahoo. It's a fun club and has lots of recipes on the post board.

This club is for the advanced Camp Cook as well as the new folks to the hobby. We have a lot of talent in the club membership, if you have a question, chances are somebody can answer it.

I guess that's about it!

Your cooking, camping, fishing, and hunting friend,

Da Cap'n

Contact the Captain via email at captain at castbullet dot com

If you have a cookbook in need of review or if you manufacture cooking equipment in need of testing or if you have a cool t-shirt (size xl) you want a high profile person to wear, send them to:

Phil Mahan
P.O. Box 801
Rye, Texas 77369