Cap's World Famous
Sourdough Flapjacks


Phil Mahan

Folks! If you like flapjacks, you are going to love these sourdough flapjacks!

Flapjack batter
  Flapjack batter, 1 hour after mixing—notice all the bubbles! Do not stir batter down.
I developed this recipe many years ago, mostly for when I was deep in the woods hunting or fishing. Over time, this recipe started showing up at the house, especially when I had friends come to visit for a few days.

The combination of the slightly sour and very light flapjacks (almost a crepe) and the butter and sweet syrup, make a dish that is hard to beat! This is an excellent first time recipe for the new sourdough cook! It's easy to make and tastes great!

You cook these flapjacks, you is gonna be a hero!

Cap's Sourdough Flapjacks

        2 cups ACTIVE starter (see sourdough starter recipe)
        1 cup white flour
        1 cup water
        1 egg beaten
        2 tbsp cooking oil
        2 tbsp white sugar

Let's eat sourdough flapjacks!
  Sourdough flapjacks ready to eat! Guess what? They taste better than they look! Me and East Texas Granny had these varmints for breakfast! Mighty fine! (Granny was a little piffed! I made her wait till I took the picture before she could eat them!)
Mix all this stuff up real good.

Lay bowl beside camp fire or warm place—80-85 degrees—let sit 1 hour.

The batter will be full of bubbles—do not stir down.

In a hot greased skillet, pour big spoonful of batter and cook like regular flapjacks.

These will be the best flapjacks you is ever going to eat—no baking powder taste—just a mild sourdough flavor. Break out the butter and syrup—give me a shout, I'm right next door at the next camp site. I'll bring my own fork and plate!

Note from the Cap! this recipe makes a lot of batter! You may cut this recipe in half (still use 1 egg) and it will work fine! Do not put this left over batter back into your sourdough starter! It now has egg and oil and sugar in it! Your starter will develop an off taste if you try to put the leftover batter in it.

Sourdough starter should have nothing but flour and water in it.

Note from the Editor! I have never tasted better flapjacks or pancakes than those I made from this recipe. Cap, you da man!

Copyright 2001 by Phil Mahan
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