Chili Verde
(Green Chili)


Phil Mahan

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For my first recipe in the Frugal Outdoorsman, I thought I should share one of my best recipes! This is a most fine TexMex dish that is called Chili Verde, or Green Chili. This recipe uses a mix of meats, both beef and pork, and several different kinds of fresh chili and one very special kind of dried chili, the Chipolte chili.

What is a chipolte chili, Cap?

Glad you asked—the Chipolte is a jalapeno chili pepper that has been grown to full maturity and is cherry red in color. It is harvested in that red state, and then it is dried and smoked over a wood fire, the wood is usually mesquite wood. This chili has a sharp bite, and a very mellow smoky flavor. They are usually used when making stews, chili, pinto beans, and sometimes in salsa!

You can find them in a Mexican food store and sometimes in the Mexican section of your local supermarket. The dried chipolte will keep a very long time when stored in an air tight jar. You can also buy chipolte chili in a can with tomato sauce—chipolte en adobo. This works ok, but does not have the same flavor as the dried chili.

The last picture in this recipe has the chipolte chili floating on top the chili verde. They have been stewed in the chili and add a great, not real hot, flavor. Of course, most Texas folks throw one or two of these stewed chipolte on the side of the plate to go with the meal.

This green chili can be cooked with or without the chipolte, I believe the dish is better with them!

This makes an excellent Dutch oven dish, and it just looks right cooking on that camp fire!

I have made this dish at a lot of fish and deer camps, and it has always been a winner! You would be surprised at how many times me and my pots get invited to go fishing and hunting!

2 lb pork roast cut into stew meat
2 lb beef roast cut into stew meat
2 big bell peppers, seeded, chopped
6 New Mexico or Anaheim fresh big green chili—seeded and chopped
A big white onion—chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 big can tomatoes—28 oz chopped + juice
1/2 tsp dried red chili flakes
5 or 6 dried, smoked chipolte chili peppers(optional)
2 tsp salt
beef stock

3 good shakes liquid smoke
1/2 tsp cumin powder

Meat browned, veggies added
  Meat browned, veggies added. Ready for the beef stock.
In a little oil in a skillet, brown meat rolled in flour—throw in Dutch oven

Add everything in first group to Dutch oven

Add beef stock to barely cover

Put Dutch oven in coals and cook at close to simmer about 2.5 to 3 hours

Add liquid smoke and cumin. Stir. If very juicy, leave lid off Dutch oven and simmer down last 1/2 hour. Thicken with a little corn starch mixed in water if needed.

Serve as you would regular chili. Makes excellent burritos when you add a little fried potato to it.


This is how to cook!
  Verde chili simmering in the coals.
This is how to cook!
  Chili verde ready to eat. Does it look tasty or what?

Copyright 2001 by Phil Mahan
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