Cap's Lazy Man Yeast Biscuits

Phil Mahan

Yeast biscuits!  
Here's a biscuit recipe that Grandpa forgot to tell you about, and it uses baking mix!

These biscuits come out so light and fluffy, ya gotta be careful they don't float out of that Dutch oven when you take off the lid!


        4 1/2 cups biscuit baking mix (any kind)
        3 tbl white sugar
        4 tsp dry (1 packet) baker's yeast
        1 1/3 cups warm milk (not hot, about body temp)

  • Mix all the dry stuff up, pour in the milk, stir til dough starts to thicken

  • Lay out on floured surface and start to gently knead the dough (dough will be wet and sticky) add more baking mix as you knead, til dough is non-sticky

  • Knead gently a total of about 20 times

  • Pat (do not roll) dough out about 1/2 inch thick, cut out biscuits with a 2 3/4 inch biscuit cutter, or an empty pork and beans can

  • Place biscuits in lightly greased baking pan or Dutch Oven, cover with a cloth and let rise til double (about 1 1/2 hours)

  • Bake at 400 American degrees til golden brown, about 12 to 15 minutes

  • Serve!

This recipe will make about 14 to 16 good sized biscuits, cut the recipe in half for smaller groups.

For Sourdough Fans

If you would like sourdough biscuits:

  • Reduce the milk by 1 cup

  • Reduce the biscuit mix by 1 cup

  • Add 1 1/4 cups sourdough starter

  • Add 2 tbl dry skim milk powder

Follow the recipe as written, do not forget the Baker's yeast, rising times and baking times remain the same.

Copyright 2007 by Phil Mahan
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