Dennis Dezendorf

Dennis Dezendorf Dennis Dezendorf has been published in various online and print periodicals. This is his first foray into writing for the shooting sports, but he has been hunting and fishing since he was big enough to walk. He has been employed in law enforcement and the military. In 1998 he retired from the Louisiana National Guard, with the rank of Major and in 2000 he retired from the Louisiana Division of Probation and Parole. He has been a truck driver, a roofer, a writer, a cop, and a bartender.

Dennis has been muzzle loading since 1981, and has shot competition skeet. He is a member of the Natchitoches Sportsmans Association and the NRA. He has qualified expert with a number of small arms, to include the M1911, the M16, the M2 machine gun and the M60A1 main battle tank. He was called to duty in support of Operation Desert Storm.He holds a bachelors degree from Northwestern State University of Louisiana in Natchitoches, Louisiana He is a graduate of the US Army Armor Officer Advanced Course and is a POST certified peace officer. Dennis recently completed training and is certified as a School Resourse Officer.

As a boy, he attained the rank of Eagle Scout. He is a top camp cook and enjoys camping in the forests and swamps of north Louisiana and east Texas. Dennis is the father of four children and has four wonderful grandchildren. He is currently employed as a Deputy Sheriff in central Louisiana. He continues a career in law enforcement and finds great satisfaction in being able to protect and serve the people he lives among.

Contact Dennis via email at rangemaster at castbullet dot com

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