Writer's Guidelines

First, The Frugal Outdoorsman pays zero dollars for articles and photos. You get a publication credit, and you retain copyrights. We retain the right to publish the article and accompanying photos only on this web site: www.castbullet.com. We want only articles with accompanying photos. We want only digital articles and digital photos. (See below for digital guidelines.)

We realize that our readers aren't professional writers. But things written in a person's "voice," i.e., written the way the person speaks, are usually far more interesting to read than things written by a person with a Ph.D. in English. We will correct your grammar and unclear sentence structure. We expect you to check your spelling. We expect you to get someone to proofread your manuscript before you submit it. There is no limit on word count—but we want articles, not books!

Articles submitted for publication in The Frugal Outdoorsman will be judged on about 20% entertainment value and about 80% educational value. We want our readers to learn something. We want articles on:

  • muzzleloader shooting and hunting
  • cast bullet shooting and hunting in modern and primitive weapons
  • jacketed bullet shooting and hunting in old rifles only, i.e., 7 x 57, etc.
  • black powder cartridge shooting and hunting
  • tent camping
  • fishing
  • buckskinning
  • reloading either cast or jacketed bullets
  • making your own bullet starters, loading blocks, powder horns, log cabin, tent, etc.
  • living off the grid
  • food preservation without refrigeration

We also want recipes. Campfire and Dutch-oven-with-coals cooking only!

We do not, I repeat, do not, want articles about:

  • RV camping
  • fishing from any kind of high-dollar boat
  • 7mm magnums and 300 Winchester magnums or any other kind of modern magnum rifle
  • magnum pistols except with cast bullets
  • scopes, except on handguns and cast bullet rifles

We'll take an article on a non-scoped inline only if it's a good article. (It starts with two strikes against it.)

Digital guidelines:

  • All articles must be submitted as a .txt file or WordPerfect file email attachment. If you don't have WordPerfect and don't know how to save as a .txt file, ask somebody. Don't ask me.

  • Digital photos must be sized about 600 x 500 pixels or about 5 inches x 6 inches in screen size and must be a maximum file size of about 90k. If you don't know how to do that, ask somebody. Don't ask me.

I will delete without reading any unsolicited email message containing an attachment. Send only a query message to query at castbullet dot com and with the word query in the subject line. If I think your article proposal has merit, I'll direct you to a page containing further writer's guidelines.

If you've dreamed of being a writer like Skeeter Skelton or Paco Kelly or Elmer Keith or Peter Capstick, you have a place to start.