Junior Doughty

Picture of me I've lived most of my life in Tullos, Louisiana, on the 120 acres my great-grandfather homesteaded in 1907. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of traipsing through the woods on and around this 120 acres in pursuit of squirrels with a single-shot .22 rifle. There was a big hickory tree across the road and down the hill, and most winter afternoons found the youthful Junior Doughty sitting near that tree waiting for a fox squirrel. We were dirt poor back then, and fish and game were often on our dinner table. Fish and game on that table sometimes made the difference between eating and not eating.

I remember one night, around 1957 or so, when the dogs bayed a wild hog in the corner of our front yard. Our mother told me and my brother that if we could kill that hog, the family could eat for a week. I vividly remember the terror I felt as my brother rested the single-shot .22 against a porch support and aimed at that raging hog. He killed it with one shot. I don't know how long that hog fed us, but I do know we spent the rest of the night cleaning it.

I'm a member of the Cast Bullet Association and a Life Member of the National Rifle Association. I've reloaded ammunition and cast my own bullets for many years. I prefer cast bullets to jacketed bullets. There's just something about making your own. I've shot many 1000s of cast bullets through my Rossi Model 92 .357, my Model 94 Winchester Buffalo Bill Commemorative 30-30, and through my T-C Contender Super 14 7 mm TCU pistol and through several other pistols and rifles. Just last year, 2000, I bought a Lyman Great Plains Hunter .50 caliber black powder rifle, and a new kind of shooting bug bit me. That bug bite itched so badly that I bought a .32 caliber Traditions Crockett Rifle for squirrel hunting. It's still itching because I'm eying blackpowder shotguns for turkey hunting.

I graduated near the bottom of my class at LaSalle High School of Olla, Louisiana, in 1960. In 1995, I graduated cum laude with a degree in anthropology and a minor in English from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. I started NSU in 1990 as a 48-year-old freshman. Wow, do I have stories. I even spent my 1st semester in a dorm.

I joined the US Navy in 1962 and served as a Fire Control Technician (as in firing missiles and guns) aboard the USS Lawrence, DDG4, until my discharge in 1966. I operated and repaired the ship's MK 118 Guided Missile Computers.

From 1967 to 1974 I worked as an engineer for IBM in Alexandria, Louisiana. In 1976, I opened a liquor store in Tullos. In 1988, I went bankrupt. A few months later, so did the bank.

I had heart attack #1 in 1982, #2 in 1992, and #3 in 1994. I finally quit smoking in 1997. That is the reason you will never see an ad for tobacco products on this web site. Cigarettes damn near killed me. I don't want them killing you.

Since 1997, I've been the Junior in "Junior's Juke Joint," a web site located at http://www.deltablues.net and devoted to Mississippi Delta music and culture. You may have seen me on CNN or on your local TV station or in a newspaper article.

Like everyone else, I have a you-know-what and an opinion on most issues. Here's some of my opinions:

  • The 30-30 Winchester is enough rifle for any game animal in North America, except for grizzly and brown bear. 250 yard shots at game is not hunting.

  • Anti-hunters live in a dream world.

  • Inline muzzleloaders are not primitive weapons.

  • A scope is not part of a primitive weapon.

  • Fishing with a cane pole and live bait should be free.

  • Every child should go tent camping occasionally. Fishing and hunting, too.

  • It is a dirty, low down shame that the State of Louisiana charges hunters $15 per year to hunt on wildlife management areas that the hunters bought.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Contact me via email at junior at castbullet dot com

Do not send me photos as I am on a slow dial-up connection and can't download them!

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