Easy Case Neck Brushing & Primer Pocket Cleaning

Click for full size popup photoWith the simple addition of two drilled and tapped 8x32 holes in my loading bench, I speeded up the reloading process. To put it in terms of Time & Motion, I eliminated two steps: (1) picking up and putting down the case neck brush, and, (2) picking up and putting down the primer pocket cleaning tool.

The case neck brush is a nylon brush used for inside neck lubing. The primer pocket cleaning tool is an 8x32 screw with its head mashed and filed to fit a large primer pocket. Above it see an 8x32 screw with its head hacksawed off to fit a small primer pocket. Also see a new 8x32 screw.

In use, the primer pocket debris falls into a trash can out of sight on the floor. (The hose you see feeds dead primers from beneath the Lee press and down into the same trash can.)

NOTE: when you finish, remove the homemade primer pocket cleaning tool from the threaded hole. If you don't, it will eventually rip your clothes or slice a gash in your skin.

Copyright 2006 by Junior Doughty

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