Five Hunnerd Dollars and a Pump Shotgun

a poem

by Dennis Dezendorf

  It's all a tale of living, of what a man can be.
I'll pass it on from my life, so maybe you can see.
          There's very few things that can't get done
          With five hunnerd dollars and a pump shotgun.

It's been passed on to me, from father to the kid.
Sometimes you have to stand tall, sometimes you best be hid.
          But a man can always stand tall, he never has to run
          With five hunnerd dollars and a pump shotgun.

There's times when life is fearful, there's times that aren't so good.
When a man does what he has to, when he does just what he should.
          But he can keep his house warm, his place there in the sun
          With five hunnerd dollars and a pump shotgun.

One night the prisoners broke out, a few had rushed the gate.
And Daddy heard that they were coming, heading down the interstate.
          But they didn't stop at our house, they continued on the run
          Cause Dad was on the front porch with a pump shotgun.

Sometimes my Dad worked overtime, sometimes from out of state
My Momma didn't worry when the old man got in late
          She knew where Daddy kept them, could grab them on the run
          She had five hunnerd dollars and a pump shotgun.

It didn't matter what the trouble, didn't matter what the cause,
If a kid got sick or the roof blew off, it didn't give her pause.
          If a wolf got in the chickens, just trying to have some fun
          Mom would greet him warmly with a pump shotgun.

And when I started my house, with a baby on the way
Dad came by one evening, said what he had to say
          "Remember all your lessons, and do what must be done.
          Here's five hunnerd dollars and a pump shotgun."


Copyright 2003 by Dennis Dezendorf

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