Chicago's Gun Violence

Copyright 2013 by Junior Doughty


Think about the gun violence similarities between Al Capone's Chicago and today's Chicago. Chicago's banned substance trade then was allowed by bribed cops and elected officials. Chicago's banned substance trade now is almost certainly allowed for the exact same reason. The only difference between then and now is the banned substance and the predominate race of the gun violence victims. The gun ban hue and cry in today's Chicago is a smoke screen for corrupt officials.

If you know of a public official who lives far beyond his means, I suggest a note to the

Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888

You are not required to identity yourself.

Al Capone The IRS brought down Al Capone, shown on the right. Modern versions of Al Capone, of any race, control today's drug trade in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc.

You can help the IRS put those men in today's version of Alcatraz. Begin with their underlings. If you know someone with an annual salary of $100,000, for example, but who seemingly lives on an annual $500,000 . . . well, the mailing address is above. Exactly like in the 1930s, only the IRS can bring down those men.

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